...because you should never be afraid to hit publish.

Brand and web design for podcasters

Are you a podcaster tackling your mission like a rebel without a cause?

Okay, More like- with a really big cause, but without a clear brand direction and website to back it up?

**Showing up with Impact can be scary.** 

I gotcha girl.
Have no fear.

You are in the right place.  

Hey there, Podcast Friend...

brand & webdesign for podcasters

One of my absolute favorite things I have ever done is podcast. 

Telling my big, God-led story (check out Finding Faith Above),
 I found my passion, my sweet spot, my thing that lights me up and makes the waters part in my little entrepreneurial mind-

As I went to fellow podcaster after podcaster’s site, I noticed a huge trend.
Where I had become obsessed with Showit, brand books, the tech- getting my voice out there loud and proud, most of my fellow podcast friends
had not.

They had such big missions, huge stories, and messages that needed to be heard, but their site reflected none of that. 

It was clear- I needed to help!!

Giving brands the **umph** they so desperately need. 

I'm Shelby Hohsfield

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Your brand voice and site should never be just vanilla.

We're talking hot fudge sundae with all pizaz!

My mission is be your hero in disguise... 

...because you really do need a site as good as the message you are bringing to the world AND you should never be afraid to hit publish. 

Let's Get


Before I knew it, I became the ‘go-to’ person to help my fellow podcasters get onto the internet with a Real Voice.

I’ve pinpointed the place where Style meets Mission. 

Truth, above all else, I am an artist. This means that in everything I do, I am constantly looking for how the beauty of it all comes together. 

How do mirror your financial planning podcast with the colors, feel, mood, and imagery that puts a potential client at ease with listening to you tell them where to put their money? 

How do we allow potential clients to start dreaming about the new workout plan they are going to develop with you while being motivated by the magic of your message?

How do we get this potential client to yell, “Hey, I’m working with you!” because your site allows her to fully know, like, and trust you in a way she didn’t know was possible?

This is my specialty. 

We take your message, we turn it into art,
AND we create a brand and site that is simply irresistible. 



In short...

Born Creator, a sucker for all the pretty things, designer, podcaster, and most importantly,
to get your brand and site
simply irresistible.  

I'm Shelby Hohsfield,


Brand Consultant for Podcasters

I help you build a brand identity that makes your site and services irresistible.

Looking for a Creative, yet Straightforward Brand Approach, Review, and Strategy from a No-nonsense (but nice) Teacher?

What's the difference??

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Not your momma's Brand


We think outside of the box around here- 
We are NOT talking a logo and colors. 
We are shaping your brands VOICE to make your site sing!

I Don't


I love a STRAIGHTFORWARD approach. 
With all my love, we will tackle this head on. 
No beating around the bush. 

This is
MADE for Podcasters


I KNOW what it is you do. 
I understand what it means to be a podcaster. 
I know what it takes and I know what you potential clients are looking for when they show up to your corner of the internet. 

10 Thigs About 

Any horse gals out there? I showed horses growing up, and my sister, to this day, lives on a 500,000-acre cattle ranch, married to a real live cowboy. 

your creator you wouldn't expect...


... or maybe you would lol. 

I can’t remember a day when I wasn’t an artist. Oil and life are my preferred medium. 


The hubby and I have been together since we were 18. We met in Astronomy class. I knew I was going to meet someone that day, and when I sat down in the 300-person auditorium, his friend wrote on his paper, “She is the one” with an arrow. 18 years later, he is still the one for me.


Hey, movie buffs- In another life, before kids, I was an actress. I once spent 3 months on set as a principal in the movie The Missing, where I hung out with Ron Howard, Tommy Lee Jones, Kate Blanchette, Evan Rachel Wood, and Elizabeth Moss on horseback..


God bless all you mama’s with teenagers. I’ve got two- Mason and McKenna- my heart. 


My beautiful gal McKenna has autism. Super high functioning and one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She has brought me to God in ways only He could orchestrate. 


In 2021, I was baptized in upper saranac lake by my father-in-law. After a very interesting road of faith from Mormon, agnostic, Sunday Christian, new-age and back again, I finally met Jesus as a Born-Again Christian. Hallelujah!


Ever thought about a face tattoo? Since 2005 I have been a permanent makeup artist and owned a large, fancy salon with my mama. 


My degree is in Mass- Communications and Journalism. I wanted to host my own show before podcasts and YouTube. (yes, I am showing my age). I do finally have both, and it is my favorite thing I have ever done!


I have lived in the same 20-mile radius my entire life in beautiful Corrales New Mexico, down the street from my parents. Love them. 


New to this?

Show me what’cha work’n with.

step one



Let’s get to the root of who your brand is. Who is she under all the fluff?

We peel back the layers and get the base of your brand message and how you are undoubtedly transforming the world.

What are your brand’s goals and what waves are you creating?
How can we bring more IMPACT?

step three

A Program to help you get your brand and site locked and loaded!

It’s go time!

We take you from where you are to a whole new brand destination faster than you can say holy smokes.

I walk you through each step of converting your site into your dream brand.

Hold onto your seat, this brand it coming in fast. 

The Simple Magic of Creating a Beautiful Site
One Step at a Time- 


Straight Forward Strategy

step two

Now it’s time to shake things up and make shizz happen.
I loooove a good strategy sesh!
We will put together a plan of action to transform a half-baked theme into a full-on brand persona that catches attention and speaks right to your customers.
Because your message needs to be heard- We make a plan to get there. 

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Perhaps you were made Queen for just such a time as this. 

Esther 4:14

This is a journey.