A Website as Good as the Message you are Bringing to the World.




brand & webdesign for podcasters

Did you know… the majority of podcasts fail after only 8 episodes??

You may be going strong, but if your podcast and website are not converting, your podcast may be looking at certain death-eek. 

A brand and a design as good as the message you are bringing to the world is not only important, it’s essential. 

Give them an irresistible view of your message that they can not refuse!

Give them a reason to stay.

Vanilla sites get clicked off of faster than you can say next.

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Hey Girl...

Born Creator, a sucker for all the pretty things, designer, podcaster, and most importantly,
to get your brand and site
simply irresistible.  

I'm Shelby Hohsfield,


Brand Consultant & Designer for Podcasters

but if you don’t have a site to back it up, your sales account is going to sound like crickets singing at 12 am in the middle of nowhere. 

You need to make an impression AND Your design has to match your message.

People need to know, like and trust you!


You may have a TOP NOTCH podcast and message,

Here's the thing...

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Is your BRAND making an IMPACT??


Design Matters. Let’s make it irresistible.


I help you build a brand identity that makes your site and services irresistible.

Looking for a Creative, yet Straightforward Brand Approach, Review, and Strategy from a No-nonsense (but nice) Teacher?

What does this look like??

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Your Brand’s True Identity:


Is she a fancy glam girl on the red carpet dripping in diamonds,
-or a sit by the beach, Seabreeze in hand in with No Shoes Radio in the background kinda gal?

We nail down your brands AUTHENTIC PERSONA.

Create a Business
with Impact:


with all the love in the world, we build a STRATEGY to make your brand's voice sing.

You have the message,
now we need all the pieces to CREATE IMPACT.  

Standout Amidst
the Noise:


No Vanilla sites here.
Give your clients a reason to want to stay on your corner of the internet.

We create a brand and a site that
KEEPS THEM COMING BACK like chocolate and peanut butter.

"Accessibility and Heart"

J. Wenzel

"Shelby is dynamic and spirit led! I love how she makes taking those baby steps so accessible."

"practical applications"

J. Grad

"I love how Shelby gives knowledge (biblical and practical) into digestible pieces for us to understand and walk out in our lives."

"Best Decision Ever"

"Working with Shelby on my website revamp has been the best decision ever! The site looks beautiful, functions perfectly, is super user friendly, and is everything I asked for and more."


What people are

New to this?

Show me what’cha work’n with.

step one



Let’s get to the root of who your brand is. Who is she under all the fluff?

We peel back the layers and get the base of your brand message and how you are undoubtedly transforming the world.

What are your brand’s goals and what waves are you creating?
How can we bring more IMPACT?

The Simple Magic of Creating a Beautiful Site
One Step at a Time- 


Straight Forward Strategy

step two

Now it’s time to shake things up and make shizz happen.
I loooove a good strategy sesh!
We will put together a plan of action to transform a half-baked theme into a full-on brand persona that catches attention and speaks right to your customers.
Because your message needs to be heard- We make a plan to get there. 

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step three

A Program to help you get your brand and site locked and loaded!

It’s go time!

We take you from where you are to a whole new brand destination faster than you can say holy smokes.

I walk you through each step of converting your site into your dream brand.

Hold onto your seat, this brand it coming in fast. 



"Working with Shelby on my website revamp has been the best decision ever! 

The site looks beautiful, functions perfectly, is super user friendly, and is everything I asked for and more. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to create a beautiful website for their podcast or business!"



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Perhaps you were made Queen for just such a time as this. 

Esther 4:14

This is a journey.