Have WHOLE day where I make your brand/ biz/ site the bomb!



I spend a whole day working on the page of your choice.
Let's make things happen!

Power Consult Call Included

A full day dedicated to your page

Knowing that by tomorrow morning you will have it done ~ priceless!!

I'm talking to you, Podcast Gal...



Want a full day with me, but needing something a little different? Tech, Email, Funnels? 
Book a Consult and let's talk. 

A Brand Page in Canva including a typeface logo and sublogo,  fonts, colors, and mood board. This can easily slide into your website design in Showit, or used to customize social posts.

A Podcast Page with six specialty canvases highlighting your podcast, what you do, who you do it for and your favorite episodes, complete with links and a call to action!

A Sales Page complete with room to give details, testimonials, social proof, connection points and, of course a place to purchase or book!

One-Page website including a navigation, and six canvases to show off what you do.

Choose a Page for us to not only complete, but bring the IMPACT!

You have a big message your podcast is bringing to the world.
Now it's time we get a plan to take the next steps towards making this brand a thang!
No more intimidation. 
No more questioning. 

A page that says what you need it to- 

Let's create a page that makes a difference in your biz!

You got this



Click below and find a time that works for us to have our day! 


What's Included




What's Included




Book your Session

Paperwork is sent and you tell me what page we are working on for your Very Important Day!

I will review all the details and get an idea of where you are before we meet. 

Give me the details!

We kick off our day with a power hour consult to nail down all the details of the page we are completing. 

What magic will we be creating!

Tell me Where you Want to Go

I spend the day knocking this page out.
I will be in contact through Voxer, making changes and making things happen. 


Your Page Delivered!

I Get to Work, friend

We meet the following morning to review the page and sign off on a page well done! 
Signed, Sealed and Delivered, your page complete!

What's Included

What's Included

Power Consult Call Included

A full day dedicated to your page

"so encouraging"

BFF Heather

"I need more of Shelby's encouraging words!!!! If you are striving to find God's purpose for you, then you are in the right place. Love her positivity!!!!😍 

"Best Decision Ever"

"The site looks beautiful, functions perfectly, is super user friendly, and is everything I asked for and more. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to create a beautiful website for their podcast or business!"

"practical applications"

J. Grad

"I love how Shelby gives knowledge (biblical and practical) into digestible pieces for us to understand and walk out in our lives."

"Accessibility and Heart"

J. Wenzel

"Shelby is dynamic and spirit led! I love how she makes taking those baby steps so accessible."


What people are

A Whole Day Where We Make Shiz Happen!

Knowing that by tomorrow morning you will have it done ~ priceless!!


I dedicate a full working day to you and you alone!

Get a One-Page Website, Sales or Services Page, Podcast Page, your Site Customized, Brand Page Complete, or let's talk about it...

We complete your biggest to-do in record time so you can tackle the important Podcaster stuff!


life is too short to be worried an ugly page!


Just tellin' it to ya straight!

I am an artist, and this what I do!
Making things pretty is what I live for!

You have big things to be working on. I complete your biggest to-do in record time so you can tackle the important Podcaster stuff!

Let me help you with the pretty and together we can make the impact! 


Your need an artists eye- someone who loves all the pretty things!

You want your site to reflect who you are and what value you are offering to your potential clients in a big way!

You are ready to start selling and need a page to back it up.

You need a brand to match your message- fonts, colors, pictures- all of it!

You are or want to be on the Showit Website Platform. (Yes, ma'am that is my playground of choice.) 

You have a podcast and you are ready to complete the next page in your business book!

This is for you 


It's time to finally...  

Let's get this page done!


Get that website up and going!
Have the Sales Page that will make all the difference!
Get your Band Page in order, no questions who you are!

Take back your time and wake up with that project done!


Not sure what you need?

Simply start here: Book a 15 min chat with me, and I'll tell you what you need next to take your site from zero to launch.